“Thomas Dunn has “Dunn” it right. He is well trained in the art of voiceover and has a fantastic demo. His voice is smooth, robust and full of attitude. If you’re looking for someone who can deliver a message on target, Thomas is your spokesman.”

Lainie Frasier – President of VoiceWorks, Inc.

“Thomas Dunn has a sound of maturity, substance, and experience, and can aptly portray a variety of vocal colors with ease.”

Bob Michaels – narrator, voice actor, announcer, voice coach – Dallas, TX

“I called Thomas, and not only did he do research on my website to help me write the perfect radio commercial, but he then fit the music and worked with me to make changes in the things we needed to do to make this happen. The man is AWESOME!!!!!”

Rhonda and Thomas Fousek – A Peace of Heaven Cabins and RV

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Thomas on numerous occasions. He’s a very capable voice talent who gets it and takes direction well. Excellent voice actor, easy to work with.”

Joel Block – President of The Production Block – Austin, TX

“Thomas is an exceptional talent. His natural voice quality is enhanced by the training and experience he has had with Lainie Frasier’s VoiceWorks. He is very easy to work with and on his way to becoming one of the best in the business.”

Steve Becker – Studio – Owner/Producer